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Photography Training For Car Dealers

We’ll show you How in Just One Day How To : 

Master how to take stunning Automotive Photography with a One Day Workshop

Buyers are looking online for their next used car buy. They are visiting fewer dealers, so you need to make sure your Online Virtual Forecourt is the best out there.

In today’s competitive online market, your car’s photographs are the first interaction you have with those would be buyers the quality of your photos will make the difference between customers calling you or passing you by.

Your competitors are constantly looking to improve the quality of their online presence so make sure it’s you that leads the field.

Regardless of how well the car is described 42% of prospective buyers dismiss adverts that have less than 3 images and 47% of prospective buyers want to see at least 8 photos.

Our Automotive Workshop will show you how to Create Image that Buyers want to see including:

  • Making the best use of the background
  • The Importance of you getting the right distance from the car:
  • Getting the best height for certain effects:
  • Using the camera’s zoom and grid functions to achieve consistency
  • How to keep the background the same in all the essential exterior shots:
  • Positioning the wheels for the best effect
  • You’ll learn how to get the best angles to feature the car
  • How to can choose and utilize the cars unique selling points
  • The driver’s seat and Cockpit shots from the rear seats
  • Stereo and instrument cluster
  • Gear shifter photos
  • Storage space in estate cars
  • Folding seat shots in SUVs
  • Photographing imperfections.


Give us a call or email us if you have any questions we would love to hear from you


"Many thanks for an enjoyable day at Delamere on 4th June for the Workshop. Getting to grips with fill-in flash and reflectors taught me quite a lot and also the creative use of slow shutter speeds with flash. Would love to experience more days with Cream." Rod Burkey

"Thank you for a brilliant photograph workshop yesterday." Ann and Alicia

"Just wanted to drop a quick email to say how much me, Hems and Lou enjoyed the course. To get to photograph the area in the peak District really made our trip memorable. We learnt a lot and its now up to us to practice it before we forget!" Stu

"The whole day went so quickly and you explained it all so clearly and in such a way that I felt totally at ease." Ann

"Thanks again for yesterday it was very helpful and gave me just the information I needed to get me going." Rob Oakes

"Just wanted to say thank you for a very interesting course". Ghani Mohammed

"Just a quick note to thank you very much for a most enjoyable few hours yesterday." Rod

John Doe